Trying out this new transcription software:
A bucket is and is is is for the is a bad and the yes you you have it you should pay fellow microphone technicians which was omnidirectional as of the circle the state or the eight business which has three positions is like a circle shape the one in the middle… Do the little dance uses like the one cardioid or something and the feminist and eight is the eight omnidirectional or is a very omnidirectional element on should be decided a the aided by the of figure 8 is the. Circle is on status. Any sense as a. See you Friday behind I can get this and don’t you these great preamps by the way I mean half like I is really good like class a reason stuff like that like Mercury and shipped that this the Golden age project praise their cheapest Hal and eight

You really did I have to as a third but this view is you guys you is so going to the 24 IS a good and guess what I got I can’t let him tell you who thereby but I have definitely two surefire remixes about already that’s how we roll superquick and their awesome I’m American claimant Mr. Maru’s project is also and you do your ship but their wicked all my guys dislike poker room and it involves lots of the yes you are you are synergy liberals and a problem is a just following a cases. First is Lois which is handled area the sale of sales which is not a very effective for sure is as worse as you know is direct to the better worst Morris is a can wing him and they will hang on one second is that once all the fans around his should be like any Dana Hanley will change one thing (the better I this was clipping on how just a C is saying this was better lit that the fan on this laptop is actually really wild considering you know what I always have this right the first time and once I put it you should be doing is just monitoring the preamp of a very you very go is into gaining Jesus this preamp is making so much damn don’t know some the preamp. In black and high pass of the money monitor and this is really no you also get to it moves headphones that holy man are yet driving barely lifted a bit so that’s okay now I is going to turn it up here a little bit that should be better right this is not clipping here anymore uptight to can’t hold but give me some clipping again if there we go, stop clipping the output now it’s not clipping anymore yes it still clipping a narrative is a you are correct up with the. A better slim and trim the and and Jack that there we go that to the better – a lot better. Find tediously with. This is to make the problems preferably using it for now will yeah I know it’s it’s it’s like a vintage model preamp I know I know you know what out of say what I’ll leave the use the preamp something else and then I’ll go like you all use the preamp on, some current for me to try doing that again her decisions and distribute one sec report him and you put an option to reduce the stream quality for those with crappy connections Eastern refinements of jerky know I can I’m sorry what we will do though is on a legacy when this when the under the direction of a fair it’s a lot better that’s a whole boatload but who is live on yet I will wield Loreena Duesberg and over will take the stream and then on the server and working the spit out like differing quality versions renounce just whatever it is it’s like them 600 K the quality for those of them but I am lowered in a Duesberg and take the organ to take my High Court as I’m sending like 1080 P believe it or not to the server on the servers resizing it just to fit natively inside that flash window that you doesn’t look that but optionally in the future were going to also dumb it down or allow the scale up to 1080 if your connection can handle it him and him and you’d be surprised connections are available or another can like LTE connections and that is really fast cable will totally do damages find him and the’s best I can happen until the fiber optic it’s in here and the rest of the studios finished in and my God claimant okay cool I know what the fark was a candidate for all of them wearing headphones to generally 1048 comedic gold not just actually like this on my own voice of the oil of the smell of my own farms but not other people starts to watching half of the conversation isn’t that entertaining will then shut off Keith Falk yes 50 MB a second and hullabaloo absolutely oh yes and we will support iPhone and iPad I’ve seen people asking about that the macro Pilkington I have a national all yeah that’s right I was deliberate when she shown sound card this do that now actually just find it my face order for loot things working, she’s a click choose files open the damn window thinking is not a started with a company open please please work dudes doing that shed again you know why it I think it’s my connection type want us talking bomber that you know what I think is a bug with FMS and super fast upload speeds aright figured out I’m on an LTE line now which is like 2020 Mb and light on a good day like 40 to 50 MB down hoops the upload was interrupted trigon and 30 seconds man that sucks all unilaterally try the old old one of them like an old up loader they did at some newsflash bugs out when the students problems uploading old school up loader or tried this talk assist you stress enough the problem is half the same problem somewhere else and scare, it is when I had it ripping upstream images for whatever reason would not make a study connection with the servers you have all my files uploaded to the valve stems. Are we witnessing a lot of remixes of I were John business notes to step in of John or exists for this delay and on and click to enable you to know how you finance show more options client mode, but disable comments phone make it personal: a limited-edition again on are you really going to try to stop up loader dudes only format it should been uploaded by common man sound cloud were say something Spanish Argentina Olaf, stop acting of Spanish in the women’s speaking, and it don’t do this living amigo try the desktop up loader is pointed to the same ship to install now uses Adobe air of course it does open. You said I want to set this one on the track sharing public allow and make original downloadable yes drag files that I don’t want to set not a set more options you can do one of the keys that are my computer click oh yeah now it’s uploading I think doing something John’s, and state non-clickable and is able, while it appears to be uploading that it’s only like sulfur can weird it’s only 4 1/2 met that should be literally done in second and it’s sitting there crawling I guess their servers together like items step it up a notch some yeah but my volumes not really low I’m just talking really loud iconic Internet for their video manslaughter and I’m not clipping so very happy with admin divided to not playing anything the audio onto my PC is way louder than I’m talking for action on any more doubts about the same scene and if it’s not loud enough to him and turn it up to her face see Mae McKinney yell a lot have to yell in your compressor web developer conference rooms waste I just bought a song in your iTunes from with my asked paintings if you’re handling something that’s been in my acts I love that’s it I’ve been sticking $50 with the pennies of my everyday last three years of Kimmy Reid tell the Vegas story missed that Sunday morning sorry bro you just have to go the rumors and myths to live the story but I’ll tell you a new story Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger came over to my house last night since. It health like in random is that and we just we disdain up and drank I met I met Chad Kroger at the juveniles because we were on our dressing rooms were connected and finally enough she nickel backs had security guy chemo is my security guy when I go to Vegas and stuff like that just you know my body I actually I I use more my friend then my security guide aegis or happens to be a fight and six-foot tall mother Parkinson Mullen Yasmin for companies like suite is shipped and is a really good guy. Very good friend of ours and he he was doing security for nickel back so I get to the my dressing room and I see chemo started mass like standing outside the darling chemo five music and I’m doing this for them is like local studies like I you know I am the drummer son is I I’d I don’t know the guys name but I know his sons name taxi since little and he is like eight years old and he’s like him may get that mouse fan and so it is like a gun in the Academy taxis like United fan is like cuckolded so when I met this instead and in the mean judges purchase shoot Meshed and it was jokes for days trust me it wasn’t it was in this now gnarly as you would think it would be as you know with my like nickel back jokes the trust me I I let them all out it was funny we argued lots of goodies denigrates MC Hammer and the guy can clearly take if I can joke I mean you have to reason nickel back so anyway so the other day yesterday I’m sitting at home items like to take a break watching TV winner I I get a text from chatting secure dude you are, my shown trauma is like you share one on you know like free catering premier course so McKellen is it is like now select really do solidly united me no warning that nothing also. But the 8-bit the ACC is like three blocks away so wasn’t not David elsewise drive T-shirt and tonic cabin and then I got there in the me hung out for a bit and that I watched the nickel back shelf with the will split the something something down and Bush played and then nickel back and nickel back show was actually, cool in terms of non-music feast the they have this light UFO type thing that they stand on in it and they called the Time Machine Senate met and this is big dramatic segue in the middle of the set are like action me about a third of the way through and not they all get on this big platforms as a drum riser in the middle of it in circular and it’s on a winch system with a bunch of pointed picks him up and then name their playing and then while it’s up in the air at spinning around it’s pretty cool it’s actually your was like whoa that’s a really cool thing you really see production like thatrock band is ivory every time’s Iraq empire whatever you purchase the stage lights umpire in some cool things here and there but nothing quite like that so was really so let’s sum up and then carries them over the crowd pretty much all the way to the to the FO wage. Where you know the big mullet guys are with the mixer during the sound levels and shift and then and then it sets them down there in this like little, landing zone and then they play a couple of songs there manages pics mom brings back to the to the start position sex, cool so was it was good shall you know I was entertained and I mean yet as you may or may not now I’m not like a huge nickel back fan but ship all the power to you if you know I can go a nickel back show and installed the time and be like, like those loony him and I got made the to someone that I was dissolved there such a little pit area then walked the walk along the first row to get to the front house as I was watching oceanfront house is like the best slot but in this case compares with the vessel visits all bad so I these guys saw me in the tomatoes that mouse as I can house with chads to her manager and chief and I think dammit been made and I might thought I they think it’s me but they were like yelling but they didn’t say that mouse anything else like I’ll do not help no seasoning a and then they’re like. No one can expect to see your house like it. And then these two douche bags find some jewel loads of lovely man 5E I’m not here I’m 90 so anyway the show was cool and that Avril Lavigne showed up and she came up to the to the front house where I was sitting in and you know we chatted desirably a revocable mutual friends you know Sophie is of course use of any live at Sophie used to be a backup vocalist and dancer for Avril how weird is that I like why new that but mostly you probably didn’t know that so also talk a.m. Sophie’s friend goes, shed man and so we snuck off together had a cigarette and newsbreak also then not in them when Chad was finished by Isaac Davis to my house and entering if I didn’t uncheck kicks Chad the big cat guy so he’s got a cat really had a cat he had given away before went on to our own why couldn’t responsibly babysit that the anyway long story short he gave his cutaway and that is Looks like meowing things like evil cousin he’s got like him like the same kind of facings that the white boots and a black cat mouse but oh my God that’s where the site mentions his cousin Musa: your cat) so I am so what we ended up doing is I chemo took a big like Santa Claus backfilled up like beer fog kind mixer just like basically any every type of alcohol conceivable like and is loaded up this massive like chlorate and then threw it in an SUV and anything do take this home and then just stock your ship, psychologist Craig’s army, Jacob house normally I and I had no idea I was doing this on a goal by CS to call this up so like I I took an SUV back to my place with like a crate where the big dude I still have most of it we we really like and and and then so I showed to my in my building the concierge. My didn’t tumble of the pallet like that the dolly is it for what I go I just got some drinks for some friendship is like the dolly for him liked it just to be with father knowledge so I dig the dolly I got out citizens like a dog is stacked with like cases of Corona and vodka mixer cups and I use just all the shipment on, is the hell did not like – I have friends coming over cities like LaMonte
are it so they showed up to they went to dinner while I was like as I said I’d go home identically now been get shipped together Bigelow for dinner and then they all show up at my house and we just drank and I showed the charm Avril the studio and it was good times actually so go sit for what you know little negative cool factor nickel back on my books I think they gain some of it back because as people there pretty cool – a very cool and him Chad Scott jokes and check and take if I can joke that’s for sure and that’s that’s was most important so cool story but don’t worry we won’t be hearing any nickel back her old dead mouse collapse just now get that right now your ad immediately as it was just good angst and the people so that’s the is the story but it’s cool you know to have people come to your house and you leave with booze and they bring it you mean usually the way it goes is a whole bunch people come your house and they drink all your ship and in the league but they came and my fridge is still stock can believe it got blessings it was like an on opposite of afraid radios is a fridge donation of Marvin Sanchez sick with a Sunday leader on the phone are Yost talk to my mom’s I it’s like really snowing really bad neck false paradise I called my mom tissue she was getting come here today to help you like to clean up this mess pictures and stuff and yeah the Cialis on the phone, I went in and I bought a suit like a really nice suit I bought it because I don’t have any suits this is this visit and this is what I do my time off by doing so I wake up this morning, I slouch a bad night and I’ve got this little it’s not it’s not as elaborate as you think when you hear the term walk-in closet’s closet that I just laugh and fit in and I was like where I didn’t have the suit in I don’t know why I don’t have a reason or a suit anytime soon I’m even a little wedding or funeral or anything is really tough to Don’s Oliver were 6008 I need a suit if so I packed up my shipped and just went for walk went on the center and not I went to a clothing store that I used to work at called Rita and they sell like you really high-end suits and stuff like that and him is really funny Kazaa is only working for like you just a little more the minimum wage, deal and I was working on some software for them of one of the kids and that I guy would never been able to a you know to buy one of their suits and I never did why did they just not their top range just like the Samuelson of the Copley suits I have a couple of those but they got wrecked there were thereafter they don’t fit so I went in the nose Art Fernando it’s timeless it’s time to fit me and him measure me and him build me a very nice suit is like for what will you we do when you need it by like donated anytime soon take your time and now note no plans I just want a nice suit so I us I was there pretty much dinner for two or three hours catching up with those guys and getting fitted for a suit and the single be ready in about six months is being made in Italy it’s Brioni early nice suit I did a great suit and these guys know their ship so it could be a sweet open casket my friends on the second shot in the face followed cares it’s a nice message Nina still an open casket and I used to wear suits for my live sets but they mourn Tom they were like that expensive
you may be like $1000 suit which I do and you know it’s all very relative in a $5000 is now not like Dr. read the thousand dollars lot money was first scooped him the ally used to a store where I think the work probably Copley or Samuelson but they were deftly made-to-measure because I can’t buy off-the-shelf consignment skinny little we have very square shoulders and all this other weird ship the problem to talk about soul poof falcon song shut your cock in mouth I think a place on my feeling things I’m actually socializing will thaw Ted usually $100 suit from Burton now, you can really tell the difference between a made-to-measure suit and Moore’s off the off-the-shelf sibling even I can tell what else can you do but drink after nickel back on three yeah that’s right this like your only option about going to try and might drown out the memories sufficient if you win his developmental coming while developmental coming it should be very very soon because I party every heard for remixes it like remixes that we had asked not just like you know random guys we have for really talented producers that I know you know that have done remixes and they sound great like really good I am iMac should I’m blown away by two and so like I’m actually just you want them affect the stickers look at this and business did last and then add a paragraph Cecile Silva during her times of the I can’t use online government is him to get a positive later what time is it now I is a light lunch to her one from his mountain for commuters and is and is half, God damn huge outburst of sure if I can mouth in my office just now not safe work mouse is not safe for work yes right away if you are work but some put some got damn headphones are consistent story is more intelligently argue we go man this thing again is more intelligent language my mom’s calling you approve I’m sorry mom mom mom so I seriously my bad it happens I was raised by wolves and truckers about all try away when my during the Americans again, probably after August any enough but I think in the fall probably not to be unfair and were not in spring and that’s a long ways away but pretty soon I mean I’m I’m probably the biggest as we can to downplay my residency that I’ve really been lagging on INE to do that and then it’s to have that six-week European run which I think are doing in the next I come back to Toronto and then I just hang out for like half a month or whatever to mix music and stuff like that in the studio will I guarantee you buy them be 100% complete then am then were doing our festival of the valve which is August 3 to live with you today think and then after that of the check of states and do not run but for a long actually happen until winter but that might be better because some and we are doing in a stitch and that takes time so you know how is act that’s any the services we have any plans for a new version of the cube wall no I have no plans for a new version of the key back plans for like a new stage in a do some different switch it up prefers is going to be a single or in a yeah everyone’s asking about parental rivers lesson just I I feel really share the dialectic as it’s done as far as I’m concerned in terms of the production of vocals all listened and I mean big secrets out in and whatever we all know who it is an honor in dad’s great in him but were doing something really big with it and I don’t want to I don’t want to short change it if that makes any sense you know I mean I wonder it’s like it’s big I call it that funnily enough the ghosts and stuff affect IE like it I’m sure a lot easier familiar with that whole program is what happens at I release goes and stuff and then nine year later a year later Rob Swire did a vocal for so it’s been selling for like a year in it’s not about sales I just mean it’s been like circulating and being played in and getting popular all on its own without a vocal and then Rob came in and he ceded a vocal for NASA class pretty good and then and then we put it out with the focal and then all of a sudden you need I can always and fans are now is a great track but and then people would be thinking that that track was like that like he needs it new again you don’t mean and I don’t want to do that with professional ravers now because this there’s something else with professional grade first that you don’t know about that I would rather wait perfect it get the whole package done and then unleash it you know as a post unleashing it now and then may be wall won’t be a year but you’ll sometime later have that additional thing with admin everyone’s leg off it’s been done since its length area suggests you know just chill that if I keep like I’m developed you know look how long that took me that was like yellow of both a weeks worth of light you know writing in and working with Chris and and all that stuff not even in a like today’s ion that department and then that you know of a weeks later were ready to release and where we already release I just have to approve a couple things and I get some work done in an embezzlement doubling of the door I’ll probably do that a few more times you know like soon where archaeologists are writing how many all right my another really great track tonight at about but it is always a mean here doing something then you know that the just chances of that happening are a lot greater so honesty providing music don’t worry about special prefers it’s definitely in the sober not to forget about it we have a lot invested in this one really cool thing renewing itself it will be to so just stop asking me when stuff is become out its Israel will all come out when it comes out but it’s not like we do things and then go oh yeah what happened this unlikely specimens really good thing I did do another collaboration track with Wolfgang Gartner that you haven’t heard and it’s it’s that’s ready to go to so that’s like, not on the back burner but it’s it’s in the pile of stuff you not sickly guys DS1 an album or do you want a whole bunch of singles chill still out Susan space for reply my mom is getting in the EDM you the only genuine when she says thanks mom’s mom on that the seller okay moving along the sea we will hold onto Helms Wollman get off my back with the release a single friend and maybe I’ll work on an album double gang Wolfgang Gartner has been playing the track out and sets and I’ll probably start planning out my sets to some yo-yo here real soon I’m sure scope go to the Wolfgang’s show he knows I’m sure it was a lot easily played on this I did so I tried out in Vegas this week and okay dude I’m I’m still waiting on another native snails I reality it takes takes a while to do now not and will especially free electronic music because you just keep having all these ideas and men mean unlike the poster child of the no things you known me not locking myself up in the studio shutting myself off to the world and coming out with all the stuff all of a sudden united as are all very much involved with all of and you know if it’s not online stream that Facebook or some soundcard so it’s it’s hard to build up you know secretly in a stockpile these reduction contracts and turn it into an album I mean I eventually will do that but you just do one of these canola, renting a truck did do did did did did did you did things come to those who date is a sneak peak year club of both thing – are all quiet on targeted as its 508 Lewis in the change one thing that was it analog. For one and 2123 and 490534 like the one in to see this is was confusing about this mixer user outputs phones shipped to. Better. That is the gaming ganging a ganging of faders in in this RME mixer things really wanting to some strange things sometimes okay yeah yes yes the track when he found right here this is a you as him as a is is is alleged that but it is a you a it’s very Wolfgang and Dana sent which is point of the lab for your sure looks a little edgy is a shared thing of course you’ve heard it before you know what it is a will and he and Linda Stern this is not mine oh my God this is so old however not relevant at this point hired you mousetrap you any advice on getting sign on the mousetrap Make it easy try. I don’t know to do it and everyone else does then make a demo maker will EP sell me you know what I got say I had a meeting with Stanley and them and I’m now thank you thank you it was one of the most amazing moments of my life does it Stanley and it that’s just awesome itself so anyway you know what the first things Stanley said to me the like were talking before hello and how are you liking access all tall are you to make me $1 million house like a and then that’s it but really and unfortunately nothing really came out of that meeting and in the long game that’s the funniest ship as psycho course anyone could say that I would think they were thick smoke is a is awesome I gushed I gushed hard though so how you make $1 million@second legend prior legend status and he met Xavier disbarred from just the school did yeah totally cool and you know where I always see them at Heathrow like not not like other show I I have I I mean I’ve seen them it shows obviously and and but I’ve always watched them perform and I’m not middle really hang out backstage much so I never release him him but I always see them like in the concourse at were talking like five times which is pretty weird considering I’m not really evening Heathrow all that often the every time I go to Heathrow and I’m in the concourse like walking to the gate or watching the luggage belt I always see them and I also always see DJ Goldie said the drum and bass guy at Heathrow how weird is that just random 80 is like sitting down waiting for something or is getting on the train. Substantive and it’s pretty funny gathered early their really cool dudes them the is such silenced and installed through I and I never do a song I my me night I don’t mean it that way let me rephrase that I’ve never done the song with strikes hourly having plans on did you imagine if if if if you know what let’s let speed let’s be real here for a second if I were to do a song was for Lex okay exactly what would happen it would either sound likes girl X or would sound like one of my tracks nothing in between trust me so what’s the point. You know I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t I wouldn’t want I just mean like think of the outcome here if I were to work with girl X the weed either sound exactly like still exist off or it would sound exactly like my stuff no joke there would be no halfway tiny mashup baby thing going on that you’re all probably thinking off it’s not that bit that would never happen I guarantee it and it’s not because I will I I refuse to to to to go that route I might not well that’s why not this some just saying that’s why Mike I don’t care if you know what I do and what’s the deal with us and collaborating why why do only electronic artists have to work with other electronic artists. Is that how many times have you asked your favorite rock group to write a song with your other favorite rock group that has never happened in the history of rock unless it were talking like we are the world we are the children you know take how often and how often do collapse happened between bands and that and that and pop acts pop acts just freaking see dance music as being the new big conduit to get a fan base they would otherwise never be overreach just because their ship socks so pop acts come to dance tax to make that the gap that bridge that market for them you know that’s it I’m telling you 100% of the time like when rapper not one that wrapper like when when pop act a wants to work with pop back to be heir with dance guide B or D JB or EDM producer B it’s not because they’re like oh this is cool this is like this is a really neat little mashup of think now we’re like little talking bridges for them to come in and infiltrate yet another fark you market so they can sell more ship some more people right and I’m I’m not wrong you know you can’t you can argue it you know… The matter would you believe you know I mean like you can say well no I do this is a really appreciate the art is in dance music posted if you really appreciated bucking dance music you be making it down you make sucking poppy sorry I’m swearing off all a more needed’s mother that you know I’m San so like I would rather not be a tool for someone else to do something with the non-amine and it happens but I you know what that’s like crossovers are more common in electronic music were because as we were both achieving the same thing so psyched I do attract without Wolfgang Gartner or the end of the day were still can get a very nominal result of something that were both into as opposed to you know doing something for someone else to do something that other people are into that might not necessarily be what the pop acts into which Urgo puts the pop act in of bigger bargaining position in the market I’m I’m sure you already all know this so why does it work you. Why are Black eyed peas still allowed to make playable Dansby is it I want you for all not stupid him and I know were not handle why is it still working now if I knew the answer to this question I would own a country by now if not that I’d know what to do with the country but I’m just saying now is manual food for thought at the lake you know in an and its bed at the collaborations that I’m into now I can’t say old job no one would club would anyone be sold the coattail riding in market share that’s not entirely true all the time that the clouds that I do honestly like again let’s be realistic I think I’m doing okay with life then and now with you guys in my own music that I have to work with anyone who withheld last work with to make you ends meet no one you know I really don’t but you know so when I clap, comes to play its to need something more organic you know so if it’s if you’re pop act whatever I don’t care yard like lights or imaging he or you know all sorts of different time cool music enough I’m not feeling it that’s where the option comes in for me now because when I when I started and in this is applicable to everyone I started making electronic music you know sometimes it didn’t really have a choice whether one visitor not like what was one remix I really regret anything that actually just living when you look at my old room excellent until you’re at there is I think that was what one wasn’t with that’s when I sold out you know to the to the meaning of soul out of Artie done the selling you now I’m finished now I can just afford to be me and do the things that I think are cool you know I mean you dead people usually get it backwards I like to me was doing this is that now is all huge so we selling out dude it’s the opposite you sellout so that you can do to want in on amine and ice ice I’m I’m finished with my seller ship-based work with mentally fresh did – it was garbage it was really garbage I hated it is all a acne acne enhances his love nanny bricking whore lyrics you now on a Dansby you now that is something I would never do but I had to allow it to happen to make money to make ends meet you know to pay my rent and all that stuff I now asked me if I would do it now hello you now like that sell parity sold out now the mind you some people like that crap I don’t like as if I love it trust me I would be permitted and aqua yeah that would be me are bigger what’s up like you know that the Senate now how much you want that that all the musicians and aqua or produces and aqua are still doing that then they cash it on their finished and now they’re off doing you know living life and not working I’m hopefully more interesting projects to them you now it’s good like so you know the Savior Savior bull ship sallow comments to someone who gives a fark you now because I don’t like right everyone everyone has a price especially when you know your you you try to figure out your life only wanted to a reliving all and stop believing in all United so I’m just saying that’s the thing with collapse you know so so back back to my main point here collapse being do you know the kind of the nature that they lend themselves into you know who’s using who you know I would and I wouldn’t want to collaborate the Britney Spears so that I could get in with her market economy I have no business there none I have some crossover you know I’m blonde I’m not stupid I I I am aware that you know people like more than one artist at a time if I’m one of them I like more than one artist in of socks all listened to this and all the sin of Adam a fan of some hip bop him I hate some other hip, fan of you of this rock buddy decided that Iraq did that’s everyone so like I realize that I I do cross over into you know pop markets just just as the conduit that like you know where you have like a Britney Spears or Madonna rule ever the hell fan the know that’s obviously you know most of their attention is put on those artist but they’re also familiar by working there like yeah it’s cool to like it enough so you can’t throw that out the window but just because that’s the way it is doesn’t mean you absolutely need to please everyone and go do that magical lab you know that can solve the worlds problems this is not sometimes makes it even more soon on amine so just it is you just go with your gut you know when most cases after you yeah, stabled in your sound in your production need a name for yourself and you doing this you doing that when that went to collaborate comes to the table just TO do to make it successful for yourself and for everyone else is to enjoy it enjoy doing the collapse I love Dave Grohl he’s these ease of use of GM of human beings absolutely cool is how he’s the best storyteller by far and thesis a hyperactive not an and it just so happens he makes really great music so yeah I’m in you know I’m not looking to fit Qaeda convert foo fighter fans you now now I’m I’m just doing it for this shed its Davies I love him and him and I and I love what he does not like his beliefs to music that you know he’s obviously you know sometimes mourn the the position that you know music should come from the heart then you know some computer which he doesn’t mean a literally for sure because you surely has enough e-mail respect for me in my career and know how I choose to express myself with music and electronics and stuff like that he’s just like me got a big sucking mouth sometimes so yeah you know like it was a really organic thing for me so that’s what attracted me that collaborate in with other collapse you know matches the way it’s been a goal for me so if you hear some right nut wing like kind of pop post market bull ship dead mouse RE/MAX bank I’m never reason for you now and it’s the reason might be my own you know and you might not ever understand it but the point I’m having fun with it is getting sure that the RE/MAX the product the important part of the collaboration is is going to be something of caliber is if I’m not in this something and I’m forced to work on it it get a stock I guarantee it it’ll suck acetyl I will regret it and I’ll be face palming I’m I’ve done it from time and time again like to see here Masters remixes the flick of my whole RE/MAX list are actually know what a lot of them are that bad and a lot of them I did have fun but they’re and there was one that I really hated which one is Rachel Starr one that is annoying she’s a code change this change that, did you want remixes or you want me to remix it is i.e. I’m sorry this piece paper that you across my desk I she says I should revisit suddenly shot up and let me remixes the centimeter got into cents every five that was one that was big because it felt more like a job, research I did one for Max Graham wants to those really cool purple code this one is of treatment turned to the UK. Direction of Mike and now pointed to a to a to you this RE/MAX I liked it him and him him him him him him him him as a leader that like a anyway yeah I’m not not not here ruffled feathers on my essay fund is it tell you how it is now seeking a little bit inside hopefully you know if you’re an aspiring producer or your producers it is right now you the that’s just the way it is for me and I don’t believe that oh well that should be the way it is for everyone to enter one should believe what I say because then all of a sudden that makes me of firkin dictator and that is not what I am yeah you know like a did anyone who’s like oh dude I’m all about the music I just I just do it for the music no bull ship at Yunnan on July the guys you know like I I do it for the music yes absolutely but there are also little aspects that I need to do it for the money you know because I need money to you know by dear due to worse all that stuff it’s just as long since a self-sustaining circle and I’m happy with what I’m doing and I don’t feel that I’m doing anything that I would do outside of my morals or my beliefs to pass a dollar then that’s holy except and that’s just how I go through life and even on the same again everyone should be like that just that’s ship’s sway is the latest in that that snow more talk about are you ever too old to become a successful producer you know what this this question has always troubled me actually because I have an interesting answer I will almost like you know what I there’s a little you know I in my heart and him you know and for the sake of inspiration and enabling anyone to do this on essay now but there’s a funny thing that has happened with you know production techniques in the popularity of the producer there was a time not too long ago when you could count producers on one hand you know that this was not a common thing computers were not capable of the things that they’re capable of now in this really was not that long ago were talking my generation even and you albeit getting older but young enough him now I started at a Adam pretty earliest age I mean I mean I started still later in life and even Maddie and Ed I was like 18 years old basically my when I started being able to make it piece of like shady music from start to finish yeah like a 6 min. song that had a beat to it `played in that club barely a mile sound amazing but you know and this was at a time when dude BST had literally came out that same year you know applications and in technology you know available was just so’s so tiny and the funny thing is is I I really lucked out not really fortunate to just be born when I was born because you know again when you’re 18 years old dear you still in SpongeBob you now so I really sucked in a lot of you know all the all the new technology that was coming out now mind you like you recording techniques and then basic signal paths that predates me in and my dad and all at stuff to let goalie back Graham but but the computer technology you know that’s where I really wanted to go because I was learning it as it was coming out as it became available so I was like really really really really born at that right kind of cool moment where you could grow with the technology and and and be at literally the forefront that the frontal wave canal you know were starting to see an influx of really young producers like you know like Maddie and Anne Porter Robinson are you know all these kids did in my icing on a mean letter like really really really gifted musicians and talented young technicians and audio will go that far but you know thing that they can get they can make attract less to say that and I couldn’t do that at that age not because you know I didn’t have the ideas and I didn’t have the thing I just didn’t have the technology now the it now were I a I think really seem like this big influx of producers because the tools like this is an old but this is an old statement this is nothing new and I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here but because the tools to become super available to everyone and you know it’s all very affordable and easy so to speak to do a track you know that were seen as big influx of just you, producer, my studio you your all mild teriyaki’s producers Bruce Reagan was thousands at a desk or laptop look familiar yet you know I mean so it’s it’s weird so now if you’re older now this is this is a more of a psychology thing really so if you’re older like say in your 40s and you want to start producing electronic music will not much is stopping you I mean if you’re 40 am assuming you have the fiscal gain to to be able to afford a laptop in an able than so then yeah why not but it is the thing that I have attend to agree with is that when you’re that old is no offense to anyone of the win your battles if you don’t you don’t pick up on things as quick you know like you not Yunnan acumen sponge anymore you’re just a miserable old ship non-joking under now I bet you not younger sodomy when you’re young you pick up things like you. Or to learn and you just a little little sponge just soaking up the factoids in Tibet thought city can’t do that when you’re 40 it’s just less likely to me since more people are preoccupied with their larger problems in life you know when you’re 40 you know in your yardage wife kids on stuff your responsibilities are a lot bigger like the exponentially way huger than they were when you were 18 so when you’re 18 yet all the time in the world you naïve my data girlfriend was like the biggest responsibility you are adding ranging you now not ran not this not bad Yunnan 99 problems or whatever so you know that’s just the difference if it before speaking in terms of Tomas but I would say so my final answer on you know if I’m older can I still make electronic music Asher on a are you pick up on is fasting and can you can you really devote the time what the answer is yes then absolutely because it is a time sink this there’s a lot to be learned and and that’s of the most of the learning I’m afraid you have to do them yourself a not could do wonders of you have to learn yourself and you know you not to find his magic applications can it do for you as much as everyone wants to sell you one there is no rule application never will be of hit maker.exe of course tools become available but enough of the creativity I’m afraid of still right here and that you know and this takes time to develop were talked in years sometimes you know a few years for some people sometimes a decade sometimes two decades Yunnan I mean it’s just it’s all about how it is some people can do it some people can on the verge of breaking in the pop I’m I’m reading the software by the way to see enough on the verge of breaking in the pop world as a producer I turned down some exclusive deals is it best to wait for the best deal geez I’m I’m no Bob left sets K like I I do I I don’t know the industry any better than my manager knows otherwise I would be damaging myself okay I will say though that I’d I do know a few things like them but it’s if this is like this the highest peak of what is called the 360 deal you know where you get that five year they own everything kind of thing it really depends on your situation if you just have a pop at one pop hit or you’re a pop active that you know you just got a little strong thing going you know you have two options in him and is something you to think about for yourself you can’t really be answered you know by someone who doesn’t know who you are or what you’re about what you’re saying is you know so I can make a proper assessment honor? If you turn down some exclusive deals then you say is it best to wait for the best deal well if you turn down some deals looks like you have to now surface – you know it’s it’s you know exclusive any kind of socks a really does limit you you but you know obviously you have to remember that all there’s a lot of people out there that would love to have you exclusively like an American ally I tried gets girl X exclusive just because it would do really great business for my label you mean I really really really tried an everyone’s can try and screw you like that not you know EA including me you know so I am do I get it all up if you do name your price and negotiate you now because I’m I’m pretty sure everyone has a price like him in terms of you know the deal not like all to me on $20 million and then you can you can all my life now I mean just for whatever aspect your career you’re trying to go for but I would stay away from 360 deals on laughs you know the deal work in your favor because 360 is is a lot that’s your publishing the error live theater you know basically anything you do that 36 all-around enough so thick organ of this record deal sees to be made on just that Yunnan amine or just this companies good to my publishing but I want this other company to manage me and I want this company to do my distribution that I want this company to do my merge that’s that’s a good way to do it I believe that in a 360 deal says this company just takes it all and and then we make certain percentage not to say that you’re not better off doing it 360 but if you do a 360 make sure all your demands are met in every department you know or matched or negotiated in certain ways you know no 360 deal no record deal is the same as anyone else’s ever so does as you can imagine like like little look at my M are enough like okay yeah great make music and all the stuff there’s one thing that really really really got brought to attention I’m not going to details about it but I’ll alter student at the overall scenario say for instance I have a very strong merchandise market and and we do a lot more than your typical EDM artists who might you sell a couple shirts and to show in this and that is like our Murch is is a multinational itself because we do a lot of you notice funds stop bringing toys this bad did you know it’s a big merge thing so that is a really good bargaining chip in a deal you now because it’s like you okay we want this to want that but we give you this but were only getting redundant and ask for this much off of a percentage on ideal because look at the numbers that this one aspect of my career does like if I were to do a 360 that’s how I would look at it see you just have to you have to look at all your assets like the whole show everything you do now except for personal life and and you use those as, like markers as for your deal how you’d like the deal to go or your management that that’s what their dinner do so you might as well due to its is a very good to very good thing to have and will have a any idea when you doing that must remain a touring the UK my little girl once it sees, See Mouse Please We Are Hitting the UK in June I Believe Accordingly Do Ireland Stuff the Number Maker Way, Okay I Believe so I Will Enjoy You If I’m in a Be Hearing to Be There and Knows, Questions Honestly Really Your Best Bet Finally Enough Is Just Going to That and Click on to It for Whatever It Says They Were Changing the Website Very Soon Actually Right I Just Prove That the Other Day I Saw a New Design slot coolers that were like most of that obvious information as to my website do we do with the silly DJ course is worth it while a DJ course is worth it if you want to be a DJ absolutely if you want to just know show up and play records then by all means yes Yamashita bodies a DJ who could unite you can play around with this stuff touches the best to Derek’s cheap and free that’s what I did when I lived in error falls at a guy Dany Recchi a total troublemaking kids he’s used to play nightclubs and stuff like that in the he had he had a couple tendency DJs and human moment to me so that I can go and play at this really crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy crappy nightclub on click e-mail sent how I learned it’s not even that hard. Just just if you really really feel like you have to you can go rent some CB Jason mixer for like a couple hundred bucks for a week or something I row whoever you know your music I is and then if you don’t get in the week you’re never getting it it’s that easy as for your taste in music well that’s another story does to me that’s what makes a good DJ DJ not not he who can match up tempo or hint of green flashy play button to meeting you it’s more about the process and the output man the method don’t get me going on this DJ bull should debate ever again I party party done that once you get robbed we mean that Iraq y-axis is this crap over there know my room is always this message all for now ~told/did you mean a gear beside the mod can plan for any student of non-and yet I actually share that borough solicitor Harry to my FOIA plug it in this president, five office crap, said he was a good rule of the cam safe at 416 but did know this guy am a friend of mine works at a music store here in Toronto is getting come by and produced in a kind well is my body server just to hang out have a beer whatever but the that one of the reasons is coming over Strasberg and Akayev assess the whole studio and discuss stuff and and see what can be best for my workflow and if that means I have to get something new that all will fork out onto something new but I am yeah have a lot of year so I deftly have enough stuff to get off the ground with Beatty music but you know like patch bays and an little weird things that you know I would just like to have ready so that when the deaths, and, off this IKEA piece of crap that not then I’ll just be ready to go so not like waiting around for a Quitman orders and stuff like that and was just noticed for the elements for the desk was in level of accidents okay with you on twitter K Hill upsell your ProTools HD system no way dude on the Rideau ProTools not because I’m against that not because I is something about a garage in the runways as I I’d I just do not want the learning curve right now I really don’t see that it’s really expensive to like really expensive especially when you want like you masking you point you might In overkill 9000 sole property like for HD graphics this stupid thing and I’ll have this like software that I won’t know how to use Adobe iMac which I just am humbled been using Flickr couple years now I this is such a bad idea and then you know no musical get made and will all be very disappointed so just let me go with what I now that is like my credo with which you know if it works it works and the learning curve sock so the only time I’ll take a learning curve it is when I have the time to do it which explains my actual recent crossover to the to the key base live, with postage of producing exclusively, learning curve I know I’m I’m sure ProTools is like super easy and just like any other doll but really I just just only go there yet maybe I well maybe I never will I I don’t know but it’s not really something this Phillips was all led ready to jump would you save them if by saving the mean kick him in the assets are as I possibly could guess that if I would say this I save them really aren’t a’s deplaning, PC console games

Manner really grabbing the torchlight big dumb yellow hack and slash game syllables and nine dislike my my big PC game was counterstrike and I really want to get back into it but social many hours than I still feel the obligation to you guys to make music sometimes also a smile process wants this and don’t ever send anyone you know a demo and ask them what they think you know it’s like it’s so trivial really it is because you know when does the following is an is below there does this it’s okay you know it doesn’t sound good the you does if it does then you did exactly what he set out to do a massively yellow cat dinner new counterstrike is, should you get paid for Alexis Jordan using Brazil I don’t know I don’t care whatever it’s a bridesmaid music I don’t do the bills of wealth I’ll do those types of deals allowed with Margot while the cards in the possibly Iran I really like his work new order McDonald’s but your question every time every same order every time double Corp. allergies rising the amount of symbol man with a simple plan pain can try your new ship I want your manage meals away happy meals on your free meals I just want double quarterback juice fries and if I’m feeling it even supersized stress that you find it hard to like your own material not when I felt that I’ve done it right into him I listen to my own music sometimes not all of it and all the time but in some songs I just really enjoy just just good tests that help you to make the ligament alighted us pioneer or relive I don’t use it via a prayer relive for what CD playing our affect thing I’ll asked James Aguila’s sure hillbilly I’ve tried his behalf pioneer a bit of supersize anymore was shocker is and is not a big shock is usually a heady stay so skinny, hyperthyroid disorder that busted at both Iraq I related typical for Chan I go on it but I don’t post. I lurk I lurk for Chan and that’s it I have actually never ever ever posted on four Chan X sat for on mu that one time where we did that little, Q&A on you and that’s it I have never posted on four Chan and I would never will support while we know we all know the point but you do see and so if you see any light that vows post on four Chan probably not me either groundbreaking plug-in idea Will you help me together realized now I can code pinko DSP for shed I mean unless if you want to build a reactor probably that the know it’s pasty dude it is really really really a cool idea rented by Steve data the love – this why we do what you read it animate when I’m sitting right talking here reading your questions and answering visitors deserved like some benefit to typing it as a posted broadcasting a live feed/effect is a little more proficient than you honey the social feed type things to do is I’m barely managing like six now I think if you want to count Google is one I don’t post stop taking actual Skandia dates know never I swear I don’t care who the fark you are if you put me in a room and there are some pink starbursts and there am taken a empty ship I’m taking those pink starbursts you can need all those should yellow ones Maxwell Mulholland I’ll leave Bruce Vogt in whoever I don’t care take it allowed again with Greta and future light well I will yeah sure I’m not opposed to it she said beautiful singer all my God she’s so good but I mean the idea is to find another Greta well not someone sounds like you’re picking out the next the next good thing you know by Chris Jane Simon and then someone else and someone else I wanted I want to rinse and repeat the same old shed you know every time mom I ship but you know I don’t want to be that guy that’s just doing the same thing all the time consistency in producing this the kiss of death for your career you know if all your assumes all your song start to sound the same Easter featuring the same saying arsenal that stuff your career is over before it even started is getting a boring was a point I’ve want to be boarded I read a book and I only selected the all. Don’t vote I’m just looking for good music from all smartness absolutely I have a whole record label that is yeah you know and I’ll take as little secret online live by my little job for but it’s not that big a deal book for you guys I’m actually right now in the process of a looking into a certain property and not say where in Toronto it’s a it’s a commercial property of the bottom half will be called mousetrap and it’ll be a retail store where we will sell you know obviously all our merge and I’m going to carry other brands as well like you know like owls look all take all their merge and I’ll put it on the showroom floor of the storefront of this place but I’m looking to acquire young endless LCDs will sell toys software you know not really to compete with another music store or DJ type store not all is to be completely little boutique thing now right medial carry a couple modular systems and cell: you know I’m just to get stuff then and cheap stuff like shirts and toys and CDs and stuff like that just to panic keep the business afloat and on the top floor it said to floor, property I’m going to be moving my record label their back to Toronto because as it stands right now my management company is staffing my record label now my management company doesn’t own my record label I own my record label but you know because of the nature of you know obviously working with the label and management if I had two separate businesses there might be some you know it it would the processes would run a lot slower because because of issues like of communication and time zones and you know all that stuff and to do justice messy selection works out better for me for my management company to staff my record label which is, how it’s always been going and that’s happening in both Los Angeles and London and I’m in the middle so I’m three hours had Al a and I’m six hours behind one addressing crazy actually because a lot of stuff gets miscommunicated it or things, too slow that our light in terms of timing and you know it’s just not a very good great way I feel to run my label so I’m centralizing my label and hopefully by the end of summer I’ll have a retail store as well just genomic tried out then and see what happens lot like a store that is you might like this as as many of you may or may not know on human being I I live and I work here in Toronto and it’s it’s been going great you know like I love the city I don’t ever really plan on leaving especially now that I’ve dumped in pretty much half my net worth into a single studio which will you we be worth the long run but am the the deploying it I’m trying to make is is that you know things mingling it but you know what I really want an office like outside of the home you know something where you know I can wake up at nine in the morning go for little walk in the know show up at the office higher tiresome staff you know get some kids involved in the one I kid that young maybe a couple interns here and there did you get them in the music business and data shown the ropes of bed name and train them in you know kids that went to school for him and know how the you know work at her record label, thing and relocate some of my current staff it into Toronto and make a business out of it in on a mean and I am you I wake up then just you mosey on over to the retail store in baby will do like things like signings and stuff like that whatever you now because Toronto Toronto is a really cool place especially for DJs a lot huge DJs come in and out of Toronto all the time you know so we draw a lot a good crowd so it people all the way from Buffalo from Buffalo to Kingston in our drive to Toronto to come check a thing at which means they’re probably coming early in the day in the Nico shopping to do this like amenable than if you come into this big EDM thing way to stop by mousetrap José I buy some crap check out your or whatever that’s what I’m getting at but more importantly am to have my office there so you know I’ll be elected to Jimmy’s Vogt and I’ve been of mousetrap and I’ll just casually show up at the office e-mail approved this approve that talk to this guy about this third announcement and just do little but businessmen go home at five o’clock like everyone else and chill out and work on some music in the middle of the night and all that so I think of be really good for me and for the label and hopefully for you know everyone who’s constantly bugging me especially those that live in Toronto in a work I get this work I get that is the address go to get it you have to wait and you don’t have to order online is often the norm I walked the hell I yeah so it you know and then in the office will also produce a podcast and all that stuff or in here whenever you know this is a lot of opportunity bear for you know myself my business and you know, their route the community not say that old to fill consider this it’s not that I mean it it’s just another cool little attraction I would think that if you came to drones the money visit mammal backup thing began it your own EDM festival while you’re at it the altar of the North yeah we I am pretty out festivals, together aware of and I’m on a partners with the valve festival that affect our baby then and that’s it hopefully one of Toronto’s biggest music festivals certainly one of the best lineups I’ve seen all year including ultra you know I and coach half we’ve got believed IBG night party Steve AOP then just times and tons of people coming to the savanna touts you park that’s all it it’s a two-day festival August 3-5 and I believe that specific holiday which is the one that most people stay home for and will hopefully, this event EMF that’s our baby so damn rain and playing to summarize practice maybe twice who knows some you Joe we show we did asthma talk to Joey Wolfgang Gartner pursues this is the a buddy server you’re on the air as what is is streaming. Yeah I’m I’m streaming a live.deb. Whatever you passion we menu so what’s up leading get that for me you are my whole yeah you’re right you’re right sorry about that hero centering the way it’s in my dropbox with the how did you do have my dropbox have the hell did I get it then oh you sent it over Skype you as you as you are yeah yeah okay okay okay nine know it happened no I I thought we were all like using this one is like there’s a mousetrap folder my dropbox in the motorcycle Wolfgang Wolfgang parts and I thought that’s where I got it from Agnes of gag on it you are common in hot you want 24-bit 31 the stands or we will her in the loop video photos let ‘er rip DUs dropbox DUs dropbox you are only the light picture is sure that the okay these are anything yeah Tosha love concerning files on Skype we are not there to read his diaries are usually just enough the program is even an e-mail to the people but there is a only occasionally juries. To the files latest dropbox is more efficient to okay so you deny even when the track out sounds good sounds good on earth anyone knows it like it they get it I think is that you are are are are are are are are are you are you are probably legged. As you recognize the track is you arrive a yeah yeah I’ve I’ve been keep the Mac client to okay cool suite well glad it’s working out this is great who I I have some other things I can send you some remixes for the valve hole hole holy ship date so good about thoughtfully about it later not on, blow my load all over the Internet is if you I know it’s this know it’s not its cousin the Skype and plus I’m streaming like full obtaining the yeah its fine the takes 10 hours fixing our rugby is showing off anytime this year’s hooker who pray why did then that could lose the know blessed thing I bless is a wolf the hearts can you ask him when he orders at McDonald’s act as he eats McDonald’s I think he’s like a health cake I don’t know I like to be Rankin activity confuses oil spec I think it was like he ordered some crazy thing like a winner for sushi in Toronto a couple months back I think he ordered some, like healthy thing now selected with the how and then he said to you that I was hammering someone else but I wouldn’t see him at McDonald’s type these signatures that on the mushroom of the back of the gaming had just noticed it on my new friend is this guy’s hello and one sack yeah a buddy yeah hey nope no prom tickets on I guess I’ll text you might oh should need text me from her cell phone and then I’ll text you back the address nor SCO sent by him and what my phone charger for to serve 100 CD was in my city just over a week ago I heard his remix of the bell sounds good he he didn’t remix the valve so on I’m not sure what you are the sixth of why isn’t he going the valve that’s a good question maybe he is maybe he’s not the second phase lineup has been announced yet by the just saying you is is is a you as you is a you a you is as old as he is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is you is or is you as you you. The skeleton or something to you how do you do the questions for life. I know you do you find a 303 no I didn’t actually and then like a couple days ago I actually really went on another rampage looking for it I can’t find it on over the holidays it’s got a beer somewhere it’s probably in some stupid box and covered some weird place but I really did put in a good get effort looking for it like I have found yet so now I’m trying to decide or figure out if I sold it or get our length it out or something heard that I’d trade it I I can’t remember socks us both the shipping about a really bad memory is a loser to me a break cigarette studio who would win in a fight about source Kirk’s spurts and zoos Justin Bieber what it was perhaps I will early don’t I’M I wear many hats and a master of practical victims and noise of me talking you like JBL hell no does anyone I’m JBL likes JBL.age you psyched them like you just can’t stand it some amount of man does every time I think JBL I think wedding DJ PA that’s would JBL stands for wedding DJs and we all know how great their snow white cases 00 those are those are two bills my book was was alike the shipping cases form as they were in storage and I thought yesterday was getting recommend player from the never got around to the data coming here eventually massaged by the cases of a secure finish the track just know I never did I wasn’t feeling so, doing very long answer sure for you that’s basically it attract us it was an great it was in good it died just wasn’t into it until this is something bad it does mean oh good I’m it’s if there’s no drama… I just wasn’t feeling it yearning so whatever no harm done move on the phone Adam Levine likes JBL while sorry for your casual gamer hard-core gamer 😉
I’m pretty casual right now I’m just like sifting through God of war three again that’s like one of the few games that I’ve actually you know, the and still play is fun I like that, hack and slash like you on measures that another fun one I really like his bandanna, backing she so hot to lose you as you said it so by letting go to Coachella I was I was in know what is really shocked up I said to my friend I might. Is his idea that you take educated and this and that Nozick on one ago Manning is why man because you know I am probably running Max and insist it weird and on the studies in no way a mended season persnickety areas in the knowledge stuff and then lo and behold my friend got back from Coach Isaac of yellow grandeur acts as a C a fight a good God why does everyone in every like blogger article always call me out spoke in such God stopped it, not that bad the the the the where or when can I get your new song about the way for this very soon very soon will release the song with excision yet we never actually we never even started a song I wanted to do track with excision but it’s a psych unit week meeting really get the time you are both pretty busy and just enough so that we can be bothered insist we just didn’t have the time so never happened unfortunately you know I if if I have to club of anyone I wanted Odyssey now, you little comfortable than the good the Avenue of the new dot of wars coming caliphate I love acting so much I really do and in the stories not bad either you like great entertaining its BB in Turks and Cisco fark gave EDC Las Vegas, to make it I’m afraid I will be in Ireland on the UK tour all I should be exactly between Ireland and Scotland saw my fibula make EDC sure sorry you ever thought about making attractive after Jack know merrily he seems to be doing fine so does what you know I may customize the didn’t really like punch in the face is TrackBack you I do want to do track with the ~noise of the James struck you have the Interest Bolivia more merchandise released any time in your store yeah like I said man once hopefully when I get this retail property down and then on to be a lot more involved with in my cut of businesses including the merge side so you’ll build going in December can afford to let’s get this this this may develop in on a means of its it’s really really really really nuts super stressful but it’s hard to you know really take care of everything not say that I am lost solely responsible taking care of everything I’m I’m actually not but you know I I I can make powerful suggestions with my businesses in when it comes to come we make this available insurance is a matter o’clock a.m. at it once second let me let me answer a whole bunch questions in one phone call raider just the future Mondays for a minute right calling my manager who should know that I’m calling is what restrained probably not only meeting is, does not the up using a meeting new in Dean Dean Dean funding to cover phone’s adult strength outages when off-line though it. But he wasn’t even online with the right calling off a hotelier is online day anyway you the one asking about the belt release, staff so then you guys will store about what you think about death punk rumors of a new album are you excited am excited to hear it but him forgive me if you know all my attention is exactly focused on their album when it should be focused on mine Swift won’t not everyone’s attention my own attention I’m used – yeah you but you know what I’m I’m I’m totally keen to hear you know some new stuff from them so yeah Lilith blog
I’m not about P my pants but you know him him totally looking forward to hearing no more original stuff from them as opposed to a sample of funds in a if that’s the case into the did you want remembered store New Zealand I know I said I don’t diagnose them to guys that note 2 other guys crazy but as usual audio interface know I is a prism audio Orpheus is the soft liner now until I get the racks and start mounting all the gear I have to Figure out a way to do something – the better do not approve of sampling at all well known and proven sampling and stone approve of sampling like an entire song and then calling yours now, lazy, lazy this I don’t know, but that is idleness but the her if useless to be studying you should get off the Internet and go study I’m not even that interesting a new is in theory a few date questions man we think of this weird finger that many answer the questions honestly as you possibly can and then and then you did it yourself or another Bolshevik question I thought yours bye-bye.pone did Shauna You must work for a magazine or something we think of skylights and Ellie Goulding dating etiquette perfect match made in heaven above the same Erica with OLE claim she did it before he did

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