Shit that deadmau5 says…

I wonder what a psychologist would say about this video.

Deadmau5 Ustream Session December 24, 2011

Have another montage idea. Might do it. It’ll be hilarious.

Deadmau5 Ustream Session December 11, 2011

When’s the next album coming out?
When the studio is done, which is actually going to be pretty fucking soon. The studio is going to be around 75% complete on the 19th. After the birthday party, my next show would be in June so I’ll have all that time to work on the album.
Is the album going to be 100% new shit besides “Griefers”?
It should be…yeah. Working on Professional Griefers this week with someone. With “Ghost n stuff”, I did it in a hotel room and said fuck it and released it. Then an entire year later, Rob Swire did the vocals for the track and it got re-released. So now we had half the people that knew the instrumental track, and then another half of people that knows the track with Rob Swire in it. For Professional Griefers, I don’t want to fuck that up the in the same way. But I’ll also include the instrumental for Professional Griefers. It’ll most likely be the last release before the new year. After the new year, it’ll be all new shit. Some people have said: “Why don’t you just put together some tracks and call it a new album”, well I don’t want to half ass it on a laptop and have no sound control. So I’m holding out until the studio is done. (author’s note: what about Maths?)
Are you going to replace a cube?
Well there’s a new one with a bunch of cubes which we didn’t take to Europe. So we’re taking that setup to Europe and develop an entirely new setup for North America cause all of that shit will be in Europe. We’re also talking about a permanent setup somewhere. So there will be three stages total.

Deadmau5 (possibly) hates me #5

Whoops. recorded stream, uploading soon.

I would post the today’s stream but…

Joel fucked up and showed his AIM buddy list/AIM sn directly on the stream and I can’t be arsed to search through 5 hours to cut that out. I messaged him on AIM asking for the lossless release of “asdfghjkl” but as expected he told me to “fuck off” and blocked me.

Did I record Ustream today?

No. I was outside my house for once.