I would post the today’s stream but…

Joel fucked up and showed his AIM buddy list/AIM sn directly on the stream and I can’t be arsed to search through 5 hours to cut that out. I messaged him on AIM asking for the lossless release of “asdfghjkl” but as expected he told me to “fuck off” and blocked me.


  1. Maybe someone else will be willing to cut it out for you? I missed that stream and really wanna watch it 😛

  2. DoucheMau5

    Aint it great… your a big Deadmau5 fan- you create a blog to triumph him to all the other nerds and as appreciation he tells you to fuck off and gives you shit.. what a fucking douche, id love to ram that mouse head right up his fucking arse
    If i were you i wouldnt bother with this blog fuck him and his inflated ego

  3. AIM? whats AIM? can we make contact with him ?

  4. Yo bitch, give it to me, i will edit it!

    Email me, email is posted!

  5. What was it? I’m interested in attempting to speak with him, and not spam him and see if he’d actually talk to me or not.

  6. anyone know how often joel goes on ustream? does he announce it beforehand on twitter/facebook, or is it just whenever he feels like it?

    PS; good job respecting his privacy, but you couldve maybe cut it out/edited it.

  7. I will edit it for you :)

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