Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for January 20, 2011

No Coachella this year for Deadmau5.
Deadmau5 will buy a forklift soon to carry meowingtons.
Deadmau5 usually goes off the wrong side of the stage.
Deadmau5 has used the BXT for his old classics such as Faxing Berlin, Complications, and etc..
Joel’s house is basically a main room, bedroom, and the studio room.
He wants HMOD to be finished.


  1. Guillaume

    At 18:20 there’s a song and deadmau5 didn’t wanted to tell us what it is. Well I red that feed me and Gemini made a collab for a song called ”Whiskers” and it’s going to be out on mau5trap label. It’s probably that song Joel received! Share the word!

  2. Guillaume

    Oh and I forgot, after hearing the song deadmau5 said, John are you watching? Who is john? It’s ‘Feed Me’ aka ‘Spor’ aka Jon Gooch wich is one of Mau5trap’s original family members.

    Now i have no doubt about that!

    Québec Power!!!

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