Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for February 16, 2011


  1. ??????? ?????

    In the beginning was funny)

  2. Native instruments? how do you feel?
    what about their machine?
    and what system software do you use?
    what did you start out on?
    what would i have to do to spend a day with you in the studio?

  3. that elliot poston douche can STFU! he says your production value sucks but yet your the one telling him to get in the cart! ha!

    • smile

      he said the production quality was excellent, but the track was nothing special… can you read?

  4. It was really neat watching him fiddle around. Thanks for the vids, Nick.

  5. 4 hours of watching Joel goof off – I like his music and his perosnality, but that’s way too long to hang on a web came for me.

    Plus I was at the Pendulum show in Denver that night.

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