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Poor Meowingtons…


Trying out this new transcription software:
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A real ghost!


Ghost spotted during Mau5hax

Shit that deadmau5 says…

I wonder what a psychologist would say about this video.

Deadmau5 Ustream Session December 24, 2011

Have another montage idea. Might do it. It’ll be hilarious.

Deadmau5 Ustream Session December 11, 2011

When’s the next album coming out?
When the studio is done, which is actually going to be pretty fucking soon. The studio is going to be around 75% complete on the 19th. After the birthday party, my next show would be in June so I’ll have all that time to work on the album.
Is the album going to be 100% new shit besides “Griefers”?
It should be…yeah. Working on Professional Griefers this week with someone. With “Ghost n stuff”, I did it in a hotel room and said fuck it and released it. Then an entire year later, Rob Swire did the vocals for the track and it got re-released. So now we had half the people that knew the instrumental track, and then another half of people that knows the track with Rob Swire in it. For Professional Griefers, I don’t want to fuck that up the in the same way. But I’ll also include the instrumental for Professional Griefers. It’ll most likely be the last release before the new year. After the new year, it’ll be all new shit. Some people have said: “Why don’t you just put together some tracks and call it a new album”, well I don’t want to half ass it on a laptop and have no sound control. So I’m holding out until the studio is done. (author’s note: what about Maths?)
Are you going to replace a cube?
Well there’s a new one with a bunch of cubes which we didn’t take to Europe. So we’re taking that setup to Europe and develop an entirely new setup for North America cause all of that shit will be in Europe. We’re also talking about a permanent setup somewhere. So there will be three stages total.

Deadmau5 (possibly) hates me #5

Whoops. recorded stream, uploading soon.

I would post the today’s stream but…

Joel fucked up and showed his AIM buddy list/AIM sn directly on the stream and I can’t be arsed to search through 5 hours to cut that out. I messaged him on AIM asking for the lossless release of “asdfghjkl” but as expected he told me to “fuck off” and blocked me.

Did I record Ustream today?

No. I was outside my house for once.


Deadmau5 is a hating hater

and i’m a spamming spammer.

Deadmau5 FAQ Session July 11, 2011

Interesting bits at 2:51:00ish

Things to not ask Deadmau5 during Ustream

  1. When will you come to _________ ? (he doesn’t know)
  2. When is __________ coming out? (he doesn’t know)
  3. What do you think of David Guetta? (he doesn’t know)
  4. How much is your gear worth? (he doesn’t know)

Deadmau5 – Deer Bus (Cream Amnesia rip)


Joel didn’t know he was on Ustream.

Deadmau5 FAQ Session May 18, 2011

Meowingtons or Lindsey?
Meowingtons of course. Bros before hoes right?

joel watching himself


And we’re back.

wow 1 month downtime. anyways I’m uploading something special. give it a sec.


Meowingtons in 50 years


Deadmau5 FAQ Session March 29, 2011


What’s a good dog name?

Barkingtons. Or if you have a lizard, lizardtingtons. Piggingtons. Oinkingtons.

How about a Llama?

Spittingtons, loogietons.

How about a banana?

Peelingtons. Professor peelingtons.

How about a creeper?

Creepingtons. Or fucking griefingtons.

Then minecraft for 8999 hours. Then TF2 for 1 hour. Then CSS for 1 hour.




Deadmau5 FAQ Session March 24, 2011


How is Meowingtons?
He’s fine. He has 6 lives left.

Who is Will?
He’s the sole person for fucking up my ACL set.

Are you paying attention?

(Joel’s place is haunted with ghosts. Joel’s wet suit fell on the floor in the middle of the night. Will + Jesse texted Joel that his place is haunted. I personally think it’s because Joel remixed Ghosts ‘n Stuff for the 11th time).

Someone said Will looks like Screech from Saved By the Bell.


How did you and Lindsey meet?

Some online dating service, I think it was

If you were godzilla, which city would you destroy?

Casper, in Wyoming.

Jeremy Wong

Deadmau5 FAQ Session March 5 2011

Can we hear the nord?
There’s an EMS right here and you want to hear the nord…

Does anyone still make analog synths anymore? (whoever the fuck wrote this is a massive idiot)
Of course.

Is meowingtons still fat?
I don’t know. Yep he is.

Lindsey:”I’ll turn the knobs and you play the buttons.”
Joel:”Play the buttons…right…I’m Guetta”

(Playing Torchlight)
“I had a guy. His name was “Cat Smasher””

Are you going to release “See Ya Next Tuesday” stems?
No I’m not going to release See Ya Next Tuesday or the stems because someone FUCKING ruined it.

“JOEL, the opposite of fail is win not winning!” -someone

Ustream Session FAQ for February 26, 2011

Is Meowingtons still fat?
Is the sky still blue? Yeah.

What’s your ringtone?
It’s that noise you get hit in Zelda.

How many synths did you sell?
I’ve only sold one synth. I’m going to be very unpopular for a long time like The Who then I’m going to come back but before I do, I’m going to be on the episode of Hoarders. There’s going to be cats lying under my synths.

I should sleep. Haven’t slept since 9AM Los Angeles time yesterday.

What is that 303 sounding thing?
It’s the Bassline by acidlab.


Ok I guess I’ll try making an IRC chat room. Feel free to join me. If no one is in the room, just leave the IRC chat on. The more people that idle in there the better.

IRC details: #deadmau5faq

Connect via online mibbit. Or grab an IRC client. Or are you more tech savvy? Get a free shell account here.


Community Nap (Animated Desktop Dreamscene Wallpaper)

Here is Deadmau5’s Community Nap edited to loop as a Dreamscene desktop wallpaper so it’ll seem as if it never ends. :)

Get the Dreamscene Wallpaper (WMV File) here

For Windows 7 Users:
Check MyDigitalLife for instructions on how to enable Dreamscene.

For Vista Ultimate Users:
Check Microsoft on how to enable Dreamscene.

For XP/Vista non-ultimate Users:
Check MyDigitalLife for instructions on how to enable Dreamscene.

For everyone else:
Check here for instructions on how to enable Dreamscene-like features.

Black font fix:
If you boot into Windows with Dreamscene already enabled, you may encounter that your font becomes black. To fix this, simply right click the background -> Personalize -> Desktop Background -> Click on any -> goto your file and reactivate your Dreamscene.

Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for February 16, 2011

And we’re back!

Thanks for crashing my server Joel :O!
TY for the tweet however! 😀

-Nicholas Chan

Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for February 13, 2011

What do you think of your fans?
“How can you possibly fuck that answer up?What do I think about my pants? I can’t live without them…fans = pants. I love my fans and I love my pants. Nudest don’t have pants and therefore they do not have that many fans. Makes sense. Except for porn stars…and Lindsey”
What about a Deadmau5 Movie?
No it’ll be boring. A Deadmau5 cartoon would be awesome. Either that or a totally scripted Deadmau5 movie will be interesting.
What do you think about dubstep?
“I FUCKING LOVE DUBSTEP, but rap is awesome too” (soundbyte)
Deadmau5 do you play COD?
“I don’t play fish games. OH Call of Duty. No I don’t play that either, it’s probably the same, swim around and eat plankton.”
What games do I play?
“Finished God of War 1, 2, half-way 3 which is better than the first two.”
When are you going to hit the gym?
“Does it look like I need to hit the gym? I don’t have any fat on me and I’m buff. I don’t need to hit the gym, the gym needs to hit me. Nah I don’t have time for the gym.”
How do you compress the main channel or does it compress itself?
He uses this.
Would you recommend UAD compressors?
“For what?”
How many synths and shit do you have?
“Dunno, like 10?”
How much is your studio worth?
“Don’t care, stop asking stupid questions. It doesn’t help anyone”
Do you circuit bent?
“No, but I promote it. I wish I can get into it. I lack the engineering skills.”
What do you think about the swedish producer bass hunter?
“Is he a fisherman? Isn’t that a nintendo game? Bass hunter pro? Did bass master catch a COD? Does he do that track “Feel the Bass”. “
Where did you work after high school?
“Number of crappy jobs”
Are you going to marry SOFI?
“Don’t think my girlfriend would like that”
Meowingtons is still fat.

What is Deadmau5 Unhooked?

Deadmau5 Unhooked is different from his big shows. The unhooked show is basically without all the bells and whistles of the big show. There’s no cube, no back lighting, no LED Mouse head (LED mau5 head). It’s just Deadmau5 with his music gear, nothing else.

Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for January 20, 2011

No Coachella this year for Deadmau5.
Deadmau5 will buy a forklift soon to carry meowingtons.
Deadmau5 usually goes off the wrong side of the stage.
Deadmau5 has used the BXT for his old classics such as Faxing Berlin, Complications, and etc..
Joel’s house is basically a main room, bedroom, and the studio room.
He wants HMOD to be finished.

Deadmau5 Ustream FAQ for January 19, 2011

One of Deadmau5’s Lemur got fried (pixel line on the screen). Lemurs are discontinued. Deadmau5 is not getting another.

Deadmau5 has been using TouchOSC

Some idiot isn’t getting the idea of the fact that Ableton cannot see raw wifi data and translate. There needs to be a middleman between the device and Ableton to translate the data so that Ableton can make use of the data. Joel thinks ProRemote looks like a piece of shit.

Joel needs guitar lessons. He will not use a guitar on a track until he learns it.

Why ableton and not pro tools? Because he’s not a pro.

Deadmau5 is better at a bass guitar than an acoustic guitar

Joel has better than 20/20 vision.

What would it take to get signed to Mau5trap? Good music.

Deadmau5 uses the Weiss everytime he masters a track.

Deadmau5 Stream on January 12, 2011